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Bank Card Information

Corbin accepts VISA and MasterCard for payment, as well as bank transfers, checks, or money orders. We do not have open accounts.

Our secure web server (shopping cart) has a form to accept your shipping address, phone, and bank card number with expiration date. It is the most secure method of sending an order over the internet.

However, if you want to order by e-mail, you can send the card with pretty good security by sending three messages:

  1. Send the first eight digits in one message.
  2. Send the last eight digits in a second message.
  3. Finally, send the expiration date and the 3 digit vcc2 code in the third message.
Be sure to NOT link all the messages or send each as a "reply" with previous messages attached. The odds are very slim of someone picking your e-mail message out of the millions being transmitted every minute, and the odds are microscopic that anyone would be able to find all three and put them together. In any case, your liability is probably limited to $50 or in most cases, zero, because without your signature on a piece of paper, the merchant takes the hit for misuse of the card, not you.

Many card issuers are advertising a zero risk policy to the holder in case of internet theft, which they wouldn't do if there was much risk. For most of the others, all you have to do is call your card issuer and protest the charge to get it reversed. If anyone should be worried about it, the merchant selling the product should! And from our experience, it is a non-issue. Sending an order and card number by e-mail is an option that hundreds of people choose every day. If you prefer 128-bit encrypted secure connections, by all means place the order on our shopping cart instead.

Bank card issuers charge the merchant a large number of fees, which are totalled and taken out of our account each month. These fees pay for "rewards", for processing costs, for insurance risk to the card issuer, for whatever the card firm wants to do and the merchant has no control over how much the fees might be. The only options a merchant has is to refuse to take bank cards, to adsorb whatever costs the bank wants to add and raise prices to stay in business, or to charge an average processing fee to users of cards to offset some of these costs.

We believe that it would be unfair to raise prices for everyone to cover the cost of credit card processing. There is no extra cost for payment by check, money order, or cash. So, instead of increasing prices, we charge a 3% processing fee for bank card use. This is the average of all the monthly fees taken by the card processor in behalf of the issuing banks. But on orders of less than $100, the bank fee cost is less than $3, so we adsorb it. For orders of $100 or more, the total fee may be a rather large amount. For instance, the bank fees on a $10,000 order are $300. The fees on a $1000 order are $30, and on a $500 order, the bank takes $15 right off the top for card use. We believe it is both necessary and fair to pass along the actual average cost on bank card transactions, rather than make everyone pay by raising prices even if they don't use a bank card for payment.

To place an order, you can send a letter to Corbin, PO Box 2659, White City, OR 97503. You can visit our plant at 600 Industrial Circle, White City, OR 97503. You can fax your order or any questions to 541-826-8669 (on 24/7). Or you can call between 9am and 6pm Monday to Thursday. Any of these methods can be used with either VISA or MasterCard.

However you choose to order, and whatever method of payment you prefer, we apprecate it! Thanks!