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    Swaging Equipment

    • CSP-1 PRESS
    • FJFB-3-S DIES FOR .224
    • RCBS .223 DIE SET
    • Corbin swage lube (not pictured)

    $1400 firm

    Everything is in good working order and very lightly used.. Looks brand new. Will only except paypal

    Contact 205-492-6572

    Swaging Supplies

    Call or email with best offer. First come/first served:
  1. Lead wire .312 diam, 29 lbs
  2. Lead wire, 9 sticks .302 diam (.38 cal jacketed) 14-in long
  3. Lead wire, 16 sticks of .251 (.30 cal jacketed) 14-in long
  4. Lead wire, 91 pieces .302 diam, .700-in long
  5. Hornady half-jackets, 44 caliber, pkg/500
  6. Hornady half jackets, 45 caliber, pkg/286
Glenn Amsberry, Telephone 541-830-4871 (Oregon)
Email: GAmsberry@CCountry.net

    Jet JCG-450 Tool & Cutter Grinder
    This machine weighs 410 lbs, has a 1/2-hp motor, 6-inch cup-faced wheel, and holds up to 17-1/2 inch long workpiece between centers. The table travel is 17-3/4 inches with a 2-1/2 inch saddle cross travel, and 11 inch swing over the table. It is equipped with a gearmotor drive chuck to hold punches for end grinding (flat facing)which was added by our diemakers. Although the main motor runs on 220v 3-phase power it would be simple to replace with a 120v single phase motor if so desired. Add precision grinding capability to your shop. 5-C collet holding spindle needs replacement or repair, but still works (worn threads). All manuals/paperwork provided with machine. Email Dave@Swage.com to arrange to see or buy the machine today! Only $450
  • Click image for larger view
Info Sharing

Bullet Swaging in area of Tucson, AZ : Info Sharing?

Are you interested in sharing information about bullet swaging? Contact Robert Webb at BobW@RWWebb.com


Wanted: Bushing to reduce stations on old Herter's Turret Press.

Need three bushings to reduce female 1.25" x 18 TPI to female 7/8" x 14 TPI (standard die thread)

Contact me @ Classic_Guns@Verison.net


I need a PF-1-H or PF-1-S .323 (8mm) 3/4-E, or 1-E, or even 1.5-E point forming die asap. Please email nvordfdy@earthlink.net or phone 304-875-0998


.458, .375, .358, and .338 bullet jackets.
email Vhandldr@Yahoo.com

25 ACP SET, for Reloading Press

Make highly effective bullets for the convenient little 25 ACP pistols, instead of the usual ineffective solid round noses. Hollow point Keith, lead round nose SWC, or conical soft points in any weight. Use your regular reloading press, swage them the way you want! Includes custom Keith HP punch, makes HP Keith bullets in one stroke.

  • CS-1-R 251 hollow point Keith nose, $249.00
  • Punch-R 251 3/4-e round nose punch $50.00
  • Punch-R 251 conical nose punch $50.00
  • LW-10 lead wire, 70,000 grains (.247-in) $22.00
  • PCS-4KIT all-size universal wire cutter kit $39.50
Ken Most
510 Coop Road
Bell Buckle, TN 37020
Phone: (256)-828-7430

Payroll Software Business

This software business is over 20 years old, and generates a nice income every year. The main product is a comprehensive Oregon Payroll Program that handles every aspect of payroll, federal and state, for accountants and small businesses up to 9999 employees. Extremely simple to operate, the program is modular and can have a vast number of features turned on or off from a setup screen, including 401k investment tracking and reporting, job cost accounting, food service allocated tips, employee loans and draw tracking, and hundreds of possible reports that can be hidden or activated at will.

Each year, the program is modified to handle the new rules and rates. Clients purchase annual updates, for a sustained revenue stream. This is NOT an opportunity for a non-programmer. You must be able to write dBAseIII code in order to maintain and support the program now, and to understand how to convert it to another language later for better Windows support. Email me at Dave@Swage.com to discuss this opportunity further.

How to advertise here...

    Use Corbin Classified Ads to...
  • Find a supplier for your special bullet needs
  • Sell your custom bullets
  • Sell, buy, or trade used swaging equipment
  • Find a supplier for lead, copper, jackets
  • Sell your extruded lead, or custom jackets
  • Sell surplus bullet jackets or lead wire
  • Promote your own swaging accessories and tools
  • Find investors for your proposed new bullet business
  • Find people who want to do contract swaging for you
  • Locate a custom bullet business to buy
  • Sell your custom bullet business

To advertise here, send a copy of your ad to sales@corbins.com and be sure to include your e-mail address or some other way people can contact you directly! Payment is accepted with the ad, using VISA, MC, or a check or money order.

Advertising rate: $10/month for 100 characters or less, including up to three photos up to 250 x 350 pixel size.
Notice: Corbin Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. is not involved in the actual sale of items listed by other parties, and cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of representations by those who advertise here. Corbin has not inspected the items offered for sale and can offer no opinion on their condition or value. However, in most cases, the advertisers have contacted Corbin and where noted the equipment was originally made by Corbin, so we can suggest a fair value provided the equipment is in the condition represented by the advertiser. For a nominal fee, equipment can be sent for evaluation and/or repairs as needed. Only bullet swaging equipment and custom bullets will be included.

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1955 version of Browning 1910 model, factory engraved, .380 ACP caliber. Photo: Dave Corbin

1900 Browning, 1910 Browning, .32 rimless smokeless (.32 ACP). Unmarked prototypes (FN). Photo: Dave Corbin

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