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Bullet Design Software
DC-1015 DC-1015
Bullet Engineer's Pack
The Bullet Engineer's Pack has been completely re-written and updated for Windows. It consists of the DC-1001 Tangential Ogive Calculator, DC-1003 Paper Patch Bullet Design Calculator, DC-1004 Terminal Ballistics Plotter (T-Plot), DC-TWIST Twist Rate Calculator, and HB-9-E handbook. (The original MS-DOS version of the programs are also included, along with PDF files for Corbin products, MSDS sheets, and a copy of the Corbin website for off-line viewing).


Tangential Ogive Calculator
This program calculates the Ballistic Coefficient, Ingall's number, ogive length, shank length, and a number of other physical parameters including length of base, core and shank. You can "fire" your bullet and see dynamic parameters such as the muzzle energy, energy density, conversions of velocity from fps to miles/hour, and other interesting data.

Use the program to "weed out" bullet designs which would have poor stability, inadequate shank length for alignment, or other impractical physical parameters. It eliminates the need to build those bullets to find out they won't work. Design comments are presented when you click "Assist", pointing out problems with the current design (if there are any problems). Click for details

Software Page
Handbook of Swaging
No. 9
The Corbin Handbook No.9 is provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF and HTML formats on a CD-ROM with self-starting Menu, plus the Adobe Acrobat reader software. You can view, enlarge and reduce, skip to any page, and print any or all pages with the reader. In standard HTML format you can read it with your web browser without having to be on the internet. This is the text of the book. Illustrations are provided in a separate PDF file on the CD-ROM. You may prefer to order this updated version for more current information, and the printed No.8 edition for historical reference.

Software Page
Paper-Patch and Multiple Density
Design Calculators
The paper patch calculator helps you determine the correct bullet diameter, paper thickness, or bore diameter for a given bullet. It provides proper bullet diameters for muzzle loader or breech loader use, patch length and width, two-part bullet design parameters, and also calculates the proper weight for a given rifling twist. The program is actually four calculators in one program, with a simple, menu-driven interface. The CD-ROM contains a self-loading menu to let you run the program on the CD-ROM itself or to install it on your hard drive.

Software Page

Air Resistance Plotter And Terminal Energy Calculator
This program asks you for the shape, caliber, and weight of a given bullet, then "fires" it at the muzzle velocity you specify. It tracks the air resistance and changing BC, retardation, forward velocity, and energy remaining as the bullet flys, drawing a graph that represents the bullet's vertical flight. You can select any point in the flight to view the energy, velocity, BC, retardation, and other parameters.

The program then "drops" the bullet from its maximum height, and shows the terminal velocity and energy, commenting on bullets which meet the military lethality rate of 50% for helmet penetration (unsafe for fire over friendly forces). The graph dynamically reconfigures for the time of flight and allows you to set the y-axis for maximum velocity, and to set the sampling rate from 1 to 100 milliseconds for recalculating the drag and BC.

Software Page
Jacket Design Software
Calculates the proper jacket dimensions, raw material lengths, diameters and thicknesses, costs per bullet, per foot or pound of material, and prints production diagrams that outline the proper draws, sizes and lengths for making any bullet's jacket. The jackets are designed by inputting a bullet's parameters, including boattailed, flat base, round or spitzer shapes, weights, and caliber.

The calculations involved in determining the width, thickness and draws for a jacket to make a given bullet are so involved that it is quite useful to have a calculus program of this type to do the actual work. Both tubing and strip jacket making is covered. The program includes a "fudge factor" adjustment so that it can be "tweaked" to meet unknown variables in the drawing process, and thus predict more accurately the next jacket material and drawing requirements. Useful also for pre-production planning of costs.

Software Page
Die Pressure Calculator
Breaking point pressures for any size and tensile strength of swaging dies can be easily calculated and thus avoided, for any diameter of die or caliber of cavity. Calculates the breaking point and the maximum safe pressure, gives equivalent ram thrust, oil pressure psig with a given size of drive cylinder, asks for diameter of the die, caliber and material tensile strength (default values are provided for standard Corbin dies).

The die pressure calculator is useful to avoid breaking dies, but also helps in designing hydraulic presses and comparing their effects. Provides the ability to view or print results for reference later. Hydraulic systems comparator lets you design with various sizes of cylinders, gives press tonnage, ram thrust, compares to another system using a different cylinder, translates PSI into Kg/Sq-Cm, and more...

Available on a single CD-ROM with auto-start, menu driven installation, or can be run immediately from the CD-ROM disk without installation! Built-in help files can be viewed or printed separately (standard text format).

Software Page
Lead wire extruder
This Windows CD-ROM version expands the original to include core length for a given size and weight, powder metal mixtures and compressed effective density for powders, up to three mixtures of materials combined with net effective density (which can then be used in the core length/weight calculation), and extruder cylinder, billet, ram thrust, hydraulic pressure, and press tonnage requirements calculated for extruding lead wire of various hardness levels.

Lengths and volumes of lead wire can be calculated given the weight or the billet diameter and length, and the proper drive pressure can be calculated to design a hydraulic extruder. If you work with powder metals or alloy mixtures, the core calculator page can quickly give you the length for a given weight of any material in the proper core diameter.

The CD-ROM also includes Acrobat Reader software and documents in PDF format, including a chart of lead wire diameters and weights, and the proper length to cut a core for each weight.


Web Site
Get this entire web-site, plus 50 PDF documents and the text of the Corbin Handbook No.8, complete with megabytes of photos, charts, and graphic illustrations by Dave Corbin, for just $6 and shipping. Browse the information without being connected to the net, or wasting hours in download time. Includes listings of custom bullet makers, a slide-show feature of all graphics, and more. Use your web browser to view...just click your "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer" icon, find your CD-ROM icon, and click it. Then click "INDEX.HTM" to enter the website and access all its pages. Everything located on the Corbin main server including books, instructions, training, photos, price list, and more, is available any time, any place you have a computer with a CD-ROM drive. The CD-ROM is self-starting, with menu, for Windows systems set up to read auto-start files.

Bullet Pricing Calculator
DC-SALES helps the custom bullet maker quickly, accurately, and profitably price products. The program can calculate jacket and core cost from the per-pound price for material and translate it into the cost per unit for a given grain weight, add the cost of packaging and labels, cost of special features such as tips and inserts, the labor for making bullets figured by averaging the number of bullets you can make an hour, and the labor for packaging time. Sub-totals show you the total cost for the components and the bullet material cost, as well as the total cost per box, and suggested dealer and distributor pricing, as well as the retail price that gives you a specific markup and allows for defined discount structure for distribution. For the price, no bullet maker should be without this software, if only to serve as a reality check and make sure nothing is missed.

Turning Ideas Into Income

Ideas Into
Turning Ideas Into Income is a guide to the person who wants to turn an idea for a bullet design into income, or for the investor who wants to profit from such an idea. It helps with suggestions for the inventor who has tried to sell the idea to existing companies, discusses alternative ways to get the idea into production, how to recognize and avoid potentially destructive partnerships, how to produce effective low cost promotion and much more. The chapter on the art of press releases will provide enough useful suggestions to pay for the e-book. Available ONLY as an e-book, the CD-ROM contains the free Acrobat Reader with automatic install from the menu, plus automatic startup and menu-driven display. Cat.No. CD-TIII.

Power Swaging

Power Swaging on CD-ROM is provided with two formats, HTML and PDF. The CD-ROM is auto-starting, and brings up a menu for using the Acrobat Reader software provided, or the slide show software, to view close-up color images of the various power and hand presses including interior views. The book covers pneumatic, mechanical electric and rotary inertial (flywheel) presses, concentrating on hydraulic design. Formulae, charts and tables are provided for breaking strength of dies, press design, and lead wire extrusion. Chapters cover extrusion, swaging, and jacket drawing, as well as business aspects of production volume and rate, return on investment and the differences between mass production on automatic presses and custom work on hand-fed presses. Cat.No. TB-4-E.


Twist Rate
DC-TWIST is an easy-to-use twist rate calculator that goes beyond the old Greenhill formula, with applications for both conventional and lead-free bullets. It also provides the RPM and rotations from chamber to impact. A self-starting menu provides choices of running the program on the CD-ROM, installing it to hard drive, or viewing the instructions. Prints a report that can be included with custom bullets, to enhance the value to clients of custom bullet makers. Cat.No. DC-TWIST.

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