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CSP-A Arbor Press Adapters

Arbor Press Adapters Get TRIPLE duty from your S-Press or older Series II press:

  1. Bullet Swaging
  2. Benchrest precision reloading
  3. Adjustable stroke Arbor Press
Arbor Press Anvils used to press sights The CSP-A Arbor Press Adapter kit consists of a set of two precision hardened steel inserts with absolutely flat surfaces, each fitted with 5/8-24 threaded shanks. One insert screws into your FPH-1-S floating punch holder, in the press head. The other screws directly into the top of the ram.

With the two parallel, hard flat surfaces you can operate non-threaded bench quality reloading dies, or use the press to accurately push bearings, bushings, gun sights in dovetail slots, or install pins, operate mini-broaches, sheel metal punches, or form metal parts.

The usefulness of the S-Press is extended far beyond just bullet making and handloading, to the point where just purchasing the CSP-A with the press can classify the shipment as a precision metal-working tool for export and customs, eliminating any possible objections to "handloading tools" or "reloading equipment" at the border.

Arbor Press Anvils Tool making, fractional HP motor repair, model steam engine bearing and pin insertion, and thousands of other jobs involving the precise application of linear force with sensitive "feel" and a variable constantly adjustable leverage all benefit from the use of the CSP-A in the CSP-1 press. By moving the floating punch holder up and down, you can control the precise amount of leverage at the point of contact and the amount of space available for the components.

The exponential power curve of the press can be used in two stroke modes, the 2-inch and the 4-inch strokes, with the power curve doubled for the shorter stroke. These features make the CSP-1 equipped with the CSP-A arbor press inserts far more versatile (as well as many times more powerful) than even a large arbor press.

The CSP-A is available on the secure shopping cart (on-line store), and can be purchased safely on-line using a bank card.
Other Optional Accessories include:
  • CBP-S Floor Stand. Self-supporting heavy duty steel floor stand with mounting bolt holes for either the CSP-1 or CSP-2 press. Tough wood fiber deck puts your own weight into the system so you are the anchor; no holes in the floor, no braces required for solid reliable operation. (Truck shipment only, 150-lbs).

  • FPH-QC-S Quick Change Punch Holder. Rapidly change punches when using very long bullets, copper tubing, or jackets. Slip the punch in and out sideways to load and unload components instead of screwing the holder up and down each time.

  • FPH-1-S Floating Punch Holder. One comes with the press, but you may find a spare useful to set up and quickly change to another operation, leaving the punch in place and changing the holder.

  • CSP-C Handle Retainer Clip. Holds the CSP-1 press handle upright at the end of each stroke with a positive spring clip action, so it can't fall when you are working around (or under) the bench! Installs in minutes. One bonked head is enough to convince most handloaders of the value of this simple assembly!

For prices, see the current Price List.

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