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CSP-S Floor Stand

The CSP-S floor stand mounts either the Mega-Mite CSP-2 press, or the S-Press (or earlier Series II press), at comfortable operating level for operation (adjustable from 43 to 54 inches, top of mounting plate to floor) while the bullet maker is either standing or sitting on a conventional shop stool. The column is a heavy square steel telescoping "milling machine" column, welded to a 1-inch thick top mounting plate (click for layout details).
The CSP-S does not require mounting. It is completely self-supporting and movable, which makes it ideal for use at trade shows, in apartments, or anywhere that a solid operating platform is required without any changes to the building environment. The adjustable height, 109-lb CSP-S provids a 23-inch by 30-inch wood fiber deck for comfort. Standing directly on the deck, or sitting on a shop stool placed on it, adds your weight to the mounting system and makes a "closed loop" for the force you apply (you can't tip yourself over). This results in a solid, reliable mount that can instantly be moved. Floor space is 23-1/2 by 40 inches.

The top plate has six threaded screw holes in two patterns, an outside pattern for the CSP-2 Mega Mite press having 1/2 x 13 threaded holes, and an inner pattern of three holes having 5/16 x 18 threaded holes. The inside pattern fits the CSP-1 S-press mounting base.

The stand can also be used for machine tools such as grinders. The six-inch square steel top is welded to the four-inch diameter tube. The tube assembly detaches from the base for storage and shipping. The base of the tube is welded to a 10-inch wide by 24-inch long steel plate, which in turn bolts to the frame. The frame holds the deck slightly off the floor for comfortable footing. The square column is adjustable (telescoping) from 43 to 54 inches top to floor height so you can set it to your desired operation height.

The CSP-S can be shipped by UPS to USA and Canada, and to any other country by Federal Express, UPS International, or AirBorne Express air freight. Shipping weight is 118 lbs. It can be ordered from Corbin's on-line shopping cart using VISA or MasterCard, by e-mail, fax, phone, or mail to the address shown below:

Corbin Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.
PO Box 2659
White City, OR 97503 USA

Phone 9am-5pm Mon-Thurs: 541-826-5211
Fax 24-hrs: 541-826-8669
Website: http://www.corbins.com
E-mail: sales@corbins.com

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