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Home Page
Confused by all the information? Lost in the tools and terminology? Click: Quick Info!
Don't worry -- it's not hard if you do the following:

  • Don't jump around! Slow down, start at the beginning and take your time.

  • Click "What is Swaging?" and read that first. Let it sink in a little.

  • Move to "What do you call it?", and scan through the terms, so you understand the tool names.

  • Then read (take your time!) "What do I need?". Scroll down the page to see suggested packages.

  • Click underlined links to study specific options or mentioned items.

  • Realize that you do NOT need to know it all: just what interests you.

  • There are THREE basic swaging "systems":

    1. Use of your reloading press with dies ending in -R. (Limited calibers: see Reloading Press for details.)

    2. Corbin CSP-1 S-press with -S type dies. See CSP-1 for range of calibers.

    3. Corbin CSP-2 and Hydro-Press with -H type dies. See CHP-1 for ranges of calibers.

  • The same principles apply to all systems, but the range of sizes (length, caliber, wall thickness) change.

  • Once you grasp the basic idea of how a bullet is swaged, you can apply it to any caliber or style.

  • Understanding comes as you adsorb a little at a time, and grasp the basic principles involved.

  • All prices, production speed, tooling, selecting tools, etc., is here. See PRICES , for instance.

  • Every question people have asked for the past 40 years is answered here. Click the blue labels!

1. Navigation Box:
The box at the top of each page lists the more popular pages. Click on the word inside each little rectangle to go to that page. Then you can find related links to other topics on those pages. Many pages have a smaller navigation box at the bottom of the page, as well, but the one at the top has more choices. Some pages have direct links to related detailed pages, such as the bullets page, dies page, or the presses page.

Home Presses Intro Site Map P.R. Chemicals Answers Secure Shopping Cart
Prices Specials How To Bullets B.Makers Books Classified
Topics Jackets Terms Training Software Products Contact us

2. Topics Page
The topics page, which is listed in the navigation box, contains a list of popular topics which you may wish to "scroll through". Click on any of them to read that topic.

3. Site Search Engine
On the home page and on a few other pages as well, you will find a "site search" box. This box waits for you to type any word or phrase in which you are interested, and then it shows you a list of all the pages on the Corbin site which contain this word or phrase. Example: you are interested in "paper patch" bullets: type the phrase "paper patch" and click the search icon.
Search our Site:


4. Tools to make a Bullet
If you are trying to figure out what tools you need for a certain bullet, look first at the design page to see if your bullet is already a standard design. The design page also has links to specifications for standard bullets, and tells you what kind of tools or dies are used for a given design. Next, try the kit builder page, which steps you through the various questions and tools one by one so you can put together a kit of tooling and supplies (with pricing shown). Then check out the dies page and the bullets page, for more in-depth information about how various dies work and why you may or may not need certain kinds for certain bullet designs.

5. Underlined word links
Some folks don't realize that there is a wealth of information hidden behind the underlined word links, and behind nearly every icon or photo or drawing that you see. Try clicking some of the drawings, photos, or underlined words to see what further illustrations, charts, or whole new web pages will appear relating to that word or picture. You don't have to wade through everything here. Just pick out the information the pertains to your specific needs and pursue those links for more details.

6. Price list
Every page on this website has a Navigation Box, discussed above. The Navigation Box always has a link to prices. Because Corbin builds tools for virtually every caliber and style of bullet known to man and many that are not (yet, until you become famous for making your new bullet design known...with our help if you want it), we don't list every caliber and every possible style with all the tools you need for each. That would use up most of the world wide web all by itself! Instead, we show you the techniques to make general styles of bullets, and the size of dies/press that you need for a given range of calibers, then let you choose any of the styles or calibers you desire...either made to order (custom) or made to a standard Corbin design. Likewise, you can go to the Secure Server Shopping Cart from any page. (See the Navigation Box, right-hand side, for the Padlock symbol, and simply click it to go to the on-line store.)

7. Document Server
If you log onto www.Swage.com, you will see a document page listed (docs) which lets you download full documentation, price lists, MSDS sheets, press releases, instructions, and brochures. This is the same thing you can get by mail but much faster! The documents are primarily in the Adobe PDF format, which can be read or printed in exactly the same layout, colors and size as the original printed document, using the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can also download if you don't have it. You can send for this information or just download it free and instantly.

8. Secure Server Shopping Cart
If you would like to browse products in a quick "catalog" form, click the padlock symbol in the Navigation Box at the top of each page, or on the Main menu, or on the Price List page. The 128-bit encrypted database server will show you a small picture and a description of each item. You can just look, or you can actually order on-line. We'll check it out and make sure that it makes good sense, so you don't have to worry about accidently ordering the wrong die for a given caliber, or incompatible tooling for a given press.

Corbin Swaging Equipment Since 1975

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