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Corbin Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.
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Fax: 541-826-8669
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Swage any bullet you want, any weight, any caliber!

Make bullets for (and from) pennies! CSP-1 press with dies and supplies

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Corbin Die Works, 600 Indusrial Circle, White City, OR 97503

CORBIN Mfg , PO Box 2659, 600 Industrial Circle, White City, OR 97503
Phone: 541-826-5211 - - 9am-5pm Mon-Thurs - - FAX: 541-826-8669 (24/7)
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Note from Dave Corbin:

The volume of calls I get every day makes it inevitable that many people will not be able to reach me in person without a number of tries. I apologize in advance but I find that 99.9% of the questions are already answered better, in more detail, here on this website, with photos and examples and prices. Usually, the question is this:

How do I get started and how much does it cost?

Of course, I can't answer that without knowing what you want to make. So I ask the same questions that are found on the "How to build a swaging kit", or "How to see prices" choices, right above this box! Then I provide the same answers you can read for yourself, right here, depending on the caliber and specifics of your bullet design.

Here are a few ideas to help you decide...

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