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Corbin S-Press
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Corbin CSP-1 S-PressTM, one of five models of Corbin reloading and swaging presses, makes from .104 to .458 caliber lead or jacketed bullets. Includes free reloading adapter for standard 7/8-14 dies and shell holders. Corbin presses are used by custom bullet makers in over 22 countries...for over 30 years! Click the photo and see why...

torsion/compression head system assures precision alignment
Removable steel head and bearing-guided ram maintained in precise alignment by compression/torsion struts.
Corbin supplies everything for bullet swaging, including bullet design assistance, custom tooling, jackets, core materials (lead wire, copper powder), jacket making tools and supplies (copper strip, precision tubing), marketing services, design software and books.
Corbin Mega Mite Press (reload up to 50BMG, 20mm)
Corbin CSP-2 MEGA-MITEtm
Bullet Swaging and Reloading Press

Make from .172 to 25mm (1-inch) lead or jacketed bullets, 10 and 12 ga slugs, reload all standard calibers, 50 BMG, and even 20mm (with optional strut extension kit). Links equipped with Torringtontm Needle Bearing Links. Hard industrial chromed ram, hand-fitted to bearing guides. Precision jig-aligned head and ram for benchrest quality reloading as well as swaging. Dual 3 and 6 inch log-curve ram stroke. Optional long handle or side-roller grip handle. Direct bench mount or optional self-supporting floor stand. Even the hardware such as nuts and washers in this machine are precision machined to align the mating surfaces with the axis, and to insure close tolerance head alignment. Originally built by Corbin for DuPont's fabric armour research during the Viet Nam conflict, the CSP-2 Mega Mite is still the world's most precisely built, strongest, and toughest hand press for the reloader and bullet maker.

(mounting diagram)

Free technical papers and books you can download Corbin Publications Corbin Price List
Corbin Swaging Presses How to make different kinds of bullets Basic Swaging Package

Corbin Hydro-Press
CHP-1 Hydro Press

World's most powerful hydraulic programmable bullet swage press; extrudes lead wire, makes bullet jackets from .10 to 1.0 inch caliber from tubing or flat strip, swages bullets up to 25mm, and reloads any cartridge from 25acp to 20mm (with optional extension guides).

For over 20 years, the CHP-1 has been used by R&D, military weapons development labs, and custom bullet makers in 22 countries. Runs on standard 115v power (available in 208/220/240v 50 or 60hz export versions).

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